Oh, hey!

A year ago, I started this newsletter with links to recipes I was going to try alongside a grocery list. Then I wanted to write more abstractly about food. Then I never sent another issue.

BUT THEN I started another newsletter somewhere else. I halfheartedly told people via Facebook that I was doing that, but forgot to tell you, loyal and neglected subscriber.

Three years ago I started writing a book, which I've decided to name Cook When You Can (wonder where I got that from). Many of you have asked how the book is coming along, but honestly it stalled out in 2019 and not much progress was made last year. I'd like to finish the book, so I came up with a plan for how to get it done.

I’ve decided to start another newsletter, except this one is my book. It’ll be fun to work on the book publicly, and get feedback along the way.

I’ve decided to add the option to pay a small monthly subscription for this newsletter. No pressure though, I plan to send out most of the content to everyone. Whenever I feel like the book is done, I’ll find a place that will print it for me so that I can reward everyone that decided to throw me some dollas with a free copy.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can subscribe here. I've published five issues so far, you can read those to get a feel for the format/content. Here's the latest, but since these are being published in a semi-purposeful order I'd recommend starting at the beginning.

I thought about just adding all of you and assuming you were interested, but that felt slimy. Go subscribe if you wanna.

Bye for now!